At Airtastic Entertainment Centres we offer a large number of exciting and exhilarating school and youth group trip packages to suit all ages, prices points and abilities.

Our packages cover all our activities; Inflata and Trampoline Bouncing, Ninja Skills, Bowling, Mini Golf and Soft Play!

You can try just one activity or build up to a full day schedule to suit your requirements and even enjoy our tasty food offerings!

Our Group trips can be lots and lots of fun but they also can have some great benefits for your kids!

With lockdown over, we’ve listed some of reasons why now might be the perfect time for a group trip to Airtastic!

Group of Children enjoying Party at Airtastic Inflata Park


During Lockdown Kids have been missing out on interacting with their friends and classmates. We can all see that Zoom calls are no substitute for the real thing. So now that we can have fun again let’s make the most of it!

Our Group trips are designed to facilitate the type of informal interaction that can help kids to build up those friendships again! We love hearing shouts of ‘Hey Tom, I bet I can bounce higher than you’ or ‘Hey Sara, I’ll race you through the obstacle course!’

This way the kids can have fun and socialise with each other again outside a formal environment which allows them to develop bonds with their friends once more!

5 girls on top of airtastic inflatable jelly mountain


Did you know that 20 minutes of bouncing can burn the same number of calories as a 10km run?

With the government encouraging us to stay at home and schools being closed our kids have been missing about all the running in the yard, team training and other activities that get them moving!

Our Airtastic Group Activities offer them the chance to get back moving in a fun, safe and supervised fashion!

It sure beats hearing ‘Not another Walk!!!’ from your fed up kids!

A Group trip to Airtastic is a great way to kick start their fitness journey with lots of fun, safe and exciting activities that are guaranteed to get their bodies moving and their hearts pumping!

people playing trampoline dodge ball


With training called off, schools closed and other organised activities at the wayside some children have had no exposure to external authority figures or strict rules in quite some time.

While parents try their very best kids of a certain age will always respect someone else’s order more than theirs. We’ve all said ‘The nice lady says we need to be quiet’ at some stage after all! 😊

After this long time without a structured environment some children can struggle with the return to all the rules and schedule of the school day. At Airtastic we have simple rules that they must abide by for their safety but we present them in a fun and easy to understand manner that can help kids get used to rules again and understand the boundaries that are required back in the real world!

All our group activities promote this need to stick to the rules so as to have the most fun possible!

Group of Kids at Airtastic Entertainment Centre


The last few months have been full of anxious energy! Everyone was worried about getting COVID or missing their friends or simply just fed up of being inside!

All parents would love to be going out on super long walks, jumping around all day or finding other ways to distract the kids but for lots of reasons that may not have been possible. Working from home or other commitments may have meant you didn’t have the time or energy to dedicate to your kids.

This means that lockdown has meant a lot of kids have had to just bottle up this nervous energy without a way to work it all out.

Our School and Youth Groups trips offer your little ones the perfect opportunity to blow off all the stress and anxiety! Our activities are lots of fun and keep your children moving in a safe and supervised manner that means they can forget about lockdown once and for all!

2 girls playing on gladiator battle beam


If you’d like to learn more about our Group Trip Packages check out our groups page or contact your local centre for more information.

Group bookings can only be booked directly with your local centre.

Craigavon – [email protected]

Bangor – [email protected]

Cork – [email protected]

Belfast – [email protected]

Lisburn - [email protected]

Kildare - [email protected]

A member of our staff will be able to go over the school groups offer with you as well as answer all your enquiries

  • Minimum 12 children required for a Mini Golf or Bowling group. Minimum 20 children required if opting for an inflata/trampoline group outing.
  • Availability: School groups are available during normal opening hours, Monday to Friday during term time only.
  • At least one teacher/leader will be required to supervise the group whilst on the premises.
  • Waivers must be filled and signed before joining the fun.
6 Children Bouncing at an Airtastic Inflata Park

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