8 Reasons Why Airtastic Mini Golf is the Perfect First Date!

Mini Golf is a fun activity for all ages and abilities and can be an out of this world adventure at our space themed Mini Golf Courses in Cork and Craigavon! While we think it’s perfect for all occasions here are some reasons we think it makes for the perfect first date!

Group of people enjoying Airtastic Cork Mini Golf

Wear what you like!

Half the stress of a first date can be trying to figure out what to wear. Is it casual dress down with jeans and a t-shirt or should I put on a shirt or dress? The beauty of Mini Golf is anything works! You won’t look out of place no matter what you wear! While we would not advise wearing your six inches heels at Airtastic Mini golf you can just relax and enjoy the experience!

Women Playing Airtastic Space Themed Mini Golf

Anyone can Play!

From the Pro Golfer to someone who has never picked up a golf club, Mini Golf is available to everyone.

Our Mini Golf courses are set up so that you each hole will be a fun challenge but you won’t be stuck there being driven crazy by something impossible!

From 4 – 100 all ages can enjoy Mini Golf and we bet you will too!

Women Playing Mini Golf in front of a space ship at Airtastic Cork

Cheap and Cheerful!

Nobody wants to break the bank on a first date before you’ve even decided you ever want to see them again! Mini Golf is a cheap and cheerful way to get to know someone.

With adult prices starting at £6.95 or €9.50 you can enjoy a round of mini golf for less than the price of a couple of drinks!

2 girls hitting ball up ramp at Airtastic Mini Golf

It’s Fun and Relaxed!

There is nothing worse than a first date where you are really nervous and anxious and you can’t think of anything to talk about! By taking your date to Airtastic Mini Golf you can concentrate on having fun first! This will help relieve your nerves, allow you to relax and just enjoy the moment. Focus on your competitive side or let them win, either way it makes for a great experience that will have you chatting in no time!

wide shot of the Craigavon mini golf course

No Phone Zone!

If you’re like some of us you may be slightly addicted to your phone, constantly checking the latest news or who has liked our latest Instagram post. One of the advantages of Mini Golf is that you’re kept busy – between holding your club and score card and concentrating on your shot there is no time for your phone! You’ll only take it out at the end to snap a selfie of you and your date after to remember a great time!

Two Girl Playing Mini Golf at Airtastic Craigavon Adventure Golf Course

Comes with a Souvenir!

Speaking about remembering your date, Mini Golf comes with a ready made souvenir to remember your date by – your scorecard! This memento is great for when you are reminiscing after years have past you can remind your date you let them win! 😊

Boy Looks at his Ball at the Airtastic Space Themed Adventure Golf Course in Craigavon

It can last as long as you like!

We’ve all been there, you go for dinner or drinks but there is just no chemistry and you don’t know how to escape politely.

With Airtastic Mini Golf the course is only 18 holes long so if you’re not feeling the chemistry there is a built in cut off point!

Or if you’re having a great time you can try another round of mini golf, challenge them to a game of bowling or even sit down for dinner and some drinks at our fantastic NY Kitchen American style diner!

Flying Saucer at Airtastic Space Themed Adventure Golf Course in Newtownabbey

It's Safe!

While we may not want to think of it, meeting strangers we know nothing about can sometimes have it’s risks. A date at Airtastic Mini Golf is public, well lit and we always have staff around to keep an eye on things! We make sure you can relax and just worry about the important things like which brand of tea they drink or do they like pineapple on pizza!

4 Colleagues playing Airtastic Mini Golf

Find Out More

Airtastic Mini Golf is available at Airtastic Entertainment Centres in Cork & Craigavon.

To find out more check out our Mini Golf Activity page or head to our booking page to get your perfect first date started!

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