At Airtastic Entertainment Centres we love bouncing! Whether it is trampoline bouncing at Airtastic Craigavon or Inflata Bouncing at Airtastic Bangor, Cork and Newtownabbey, we think it’s simply the best thing to do!

But did you know that bouncing is actually really good for you too? Here are a couple of reasons why bouncing is good for you!

1. it’s Fun!

Jumping and bouncing around is a whole lot of fun! After all who wouldn’t enjoy the super Trampoline and Inflata activities we have at our Airtastic Entertainment Centres?!?

When you’re having fun you reduce stress hormones and release good ones like serotonin and dopamine which controls things like your sleep cycle and the ability to concentrate. In this way having fun can affect your entire body, it can help you sleep better, do better at school or work and all in all it helps you to feel great!

6 Children Bouncing at an Airtastic Inflata Park

2. Improves Your Immune System

I know it sounds strange to say but bouncing can actually help to improve your immune system.

The up and down movement when bouncing can help to move lymphatic fluids around your body. The lymphatic system is an important part of your immune system that looks after filtering out toxic material and regulating the different moving liquids that keep us alive.

By helping the lymphatic system in this way bouncing can help you to stay fit and healthy so you can do more bouncing!

girls in pink t-shirt bouncing on trampoline

3. It’s good for your bones and joints!

Bouncing up and down puts tiny little amounts of stress on your bones, while stress is usually a bad thing because these stresses are so small rather hurting your bones they train your bones to get stronger by improving bone density! By strengthening your bones in this way you can help to avoid horrible diseases like osteoporosis when you get older!

Bouncing is also good for your joints especially those in your legs like your knees and ankles. When you are bouncing on a trampoline or inflata surface up to 90% of the impact of your body is being adsorbed by the bouncy surface. This means there is less impact on your all-important joints. When we compare this to the damage that can occur when you take part in runs on hard surfaces like roads or foot paths you can really see how bouncing is so much better for you!

5 children bouncing in Airtastic inflatable park

4. Healthy Exercise

We all know bouncing is exercise, an hour of bouncing can tire out even the fittest of kids. That’s because you are jumping about, moving all parts of your body and engaging lots of different muscles in an aerobic workout that maximises the fun.

But did you know it’s actually a really efficient form of exercise too? According to the American Council of Exercise an hour of bouncing can burn the same number of calories as a 10km run!

So bouncing is actually a great and fun way to keep fit and burn off any excess energy your kids may have! And if you can get them to bed earlier that’s good for everyone too! 😊

Girl doing a flip on a trampoline

5. It’s great for enhancing muscle tone

When you bounce you are using a lot of different muscles in your body from your legs all the way through your core! The repeated use of these muscles while bouncing is great for toning up these areas while having lots of fun!

So if you’re looking to build up those six pack abs for the summer beach body or you’re just looking to increase tone in your legs and core bouncing is great exercise for everyone!

Girl and Boy going through inflatable obstacles

6. It’s a great outlet for children with autism spectrum disorder

You may have noticed that some children with autism bounce up and down naturally even when they are not on a trampoline or inflata. This is a coping mechanism they have found to release the stress and energy they can experience in every day life.

Bouncing allows these children to have a safe consistent and reliable experience that can help calm their stress levels and allow them to enjoy their current situation. At Airtastic we do everything we can to facilitate this bouncing and we even have Quiet Air sessions every Sunday where we turn down lights and loud music so they can bounce in our centres without a sensory overload.

aerial view of trampoline park

How can I bounce at Airtastic?

Bouncing is one of the main activities at our Airtastic Entertainment Centres. We have our terrific Trampoline Park at Airtastic Craigavon and our Incredible Inflata Parks at Airtastic Bangor, Cork and Newtownabbey!

We have bounce sessions for everyone from 4 years and up and they start at £5/€5.95 so they are cheap and cheerful too.

If you’d like to learn more about bouncing head over to our inflatables and trampoline webpages or if you’d like to book in your session click the book now button below!

Girl jumping in the air on a Trampoline at Airtastic Craigavon

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